Step 1: Featuring your reviews in Elfsight Google Reviews widget

The easiest way to get your reviews displayed in the Google Reviews widget is to find your business or location using its name and address (city, street, zip, etc.). Alternatively, you can use its Google Place ID. If you operate an online business or the location you would like to add doesn’t have a physical address, you need to use its Google Maps Embed Code. Below we have provided step-by-step instructions that will help you find your location and display your reviews.

Our Google Reviews widget allows adding only 1 Google source. If you would like to combine several Google sources in one widget, please take a look at our All-in-One Reviews widget.

Choose the way to display the reviews

Displaying the reviews by your street address

Go to the Source tab of the widget's settings in your Elfsight account and paste your business name and street address within the Search field. Click the Search button: The results will be displayed below the search box. Click on the name of your business and its reviews will get displayed in the preview:

Displaying the reviews using Google Place ID

A Google Place ID is a unique identifier of a certain location or business. It is a textual identifier that combines letters and numbers. By using the Google Place ID Finder, you can easily find your Google Place ID. All you need to do is enter the location within the Search field and it will automatically find its Google Place ID:

Our Google Reviews widget doesn't support Business Profile IDs. A Business Profile ID identifies a Google Business Profile, not a certain place or business.

Displaying the reviews if your business doesn't have a physical address

Get Google Maps Embed code for your business. To do it, find your business in Google Maps, click the Share button (1) and go to the Embed a Map tab (2) in the popup window that comes up:
Copy the HTML code:
Go to the Source tab of the widget's settings in your Elfsight account and paste the code within the Search field. Click the Search button: The widget will automatically find your Google Place ID and you will see your reviews:

Done, you can now start working on your reviews' look.

We do hope this article helped you to add the source to the widget. However, if any questions remain, feel free to contact our Support Team, we will be delighted to assist.

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