Step 1: Setting the source of your Instagram Feed

To begin configuring your Instagram Feed widget, the initial step is to establish the source for it. In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation of how to accomplish this.

At the moment, there are three different connection types. You are welcome to choose the one that suits you best.

Connection types

Public Accounts & Hashtags

The first connection type will let you display posts from a specified source without authorization. You can simply set the source by adding an Instagram username or a hashtag.

Please note that this particular type of connection supports public accounts only. If your Instagram account has any profile restrictions (e.g. age restrictions/private account), kindly use My Business or My Personal Account connection types or remove any access restrictions. 

To connect the widget to a specific Instagram account, you need to add the desired username within the Instagram Sources field:

In case you would like to display posts published under a specific hashtag, the process here will be the same:

The exciting news is that you have the ability to add five sources to a single feed. These sources can consist of several usernames, several hashtags, or even a combination of usernames and hashtags: 

There are limitations on how many posts you can display with this connection type. If you are using a username as a source, the maximum number of posts the widget can show is 50. If the source of the feed is set by a hashtag, the widget will display approximately the 100 most recent posts.

My Business Account

To connect a Business Instagram Account to your widget, you need to select My Business Account type of connection on the Source Type tab and click Connect to Facebook. You will see a window where you will need to log in to your Facebook account:

After you've logged in, you will need to let the app access your account in order to be able to pull the images. To do it, you need to check that your Business Instagram Account is connected to your Facebook page.

If you haven't connected your Instagram account to Facebook yet, here's an article that explains how to do so - How to connect Facebook Page with Instagram account.

To let the widget access your Instagram posts, please approve the requested permissions in the windows that show up throughout the connection process. Here you need to select all pages, even those you don’t plan to display in the widget. Otherwise, Facebook may not give you full permissions to link your account to the widget and the connection may break.

Here are the permissions you should give:

Which Instagram Business accounts do you want to use with Elfsight Posts?
What Pages do you want to use with Elfsight Posts?
What is Elfsight Posts allowed to do?

Once authorized, you will see a drop-down selection with the list of all Instagram Business Accounts that are connected to the pages you've authorized. You can now choose the account you need to connect. If you only have one account, it will be selected by default:

My Personal Account

To connect your Personal Instagram Account to the widget, select My Personal Account and click Connect to Instagram:

When the Instagram login window comes up, sign in to your account and that is all. You have successfully set the source of your widget!

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