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Views is Elfsight major metric, which is also the defining factor of our price formation. You may be confused why the number of views doesn't correspond with the numbers you see in Google Analytics or other analytics tools, how we measure them and why you always run out of views too fast. In this article, we're going to shed some light on how this metric actually works. 

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What are views?

The number of views is defined by the number of times the widget's installation code loads on your website = the number of requests made to our server. 

All limits set for the apps created in Elfsight dashboard are counted in views. We do not count unique users who see the widget, messages you get via our chat apps or sales you've managed to make using our widget. Views is the one and only metric which we set for our apps. 

What is a unique user? A unique user is a website's individual visitor. Such a unique user is counted only once no matter how many times they visit the site over a specified time period, and is also calculated by the IP address used to access a website.

Views is the defining factor of our price formation: the higher your website's traffic is, the more expensive plan you need to choose. It works this way because the more people see our widgets, the bigger server capability we need to maintain. 

How does views limit work?

Each time your website's visitor opens the page with the widget, the widget loads, and it counts as one view.

Views limit is the limit of times the widget can be loaded on your website(s). Views limit is set for an entire app, not per each widget or website. If you have two widgets of the same app or if you've installed the widget on two different pages, the views will still sum up. If you have two widgets of the same app on one page, that'll also be two views instead of one. 

If you think that you've run out of views too fast, here's the article which explains why it might have happened - Why my views have gone so fast. Please keep in mind that your own views are counted too, unless you're logged in to your Elfsight account while editing/browsing the page with the widget.

Once you reach the views limit given on your plan, your widget(s) will get deactivated - My widget is deactivated (views expired)

Views statistics

To find useful insights on how your views are spent, you can check the statistics on each app in your dashboard, and here's the article where you can learn more about it - Checking your widget’s statistics.

In case you have any questions about our views metric left, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team, we will be happy to straighten the things out for you.

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