Why my views have gone so fast

You've customized your widget, successfully installed it, and began enjoying its functionalities. You didn't worry at all about your views limit, but then suddenly your widget got deactivated and you got a message from our customer manager Alex, who wasn't really happy to give you this bad news, but he still had to. Why did it happen? We're going to answer this question for you.

How our views are counted?

The first crucial thing to understand why your views have gone is to see how they are actually measured. 

The views are counted by the number of times a widget is loaded on your website. Please keep in mind that Google Analytics and other tools count views in a different way than us, that's why there will be incoherence between their statistics and Elfsight's one. 

To understand this metric better, you can check our article Views: everything you need to know.

Why did the views go so fast and what can I do to avoid it?

Basically, these are the reasons that affect the speed at which the views limit might run out faster.

  • Installation. If you install the widget not to a specific page, but to the website's template, it's automatically displayed on each page. This way the widget gets a lot more views than if it was installed on one specific page.
  • Number of widgets. The views limit for each plan is distributed between all the widgets you have. For example, if you have the limit of 50,000 views on the Pro plan, this doesn't mean that you have 50,000 views for each widget, this limit is set for all the widgets you have created. 
  • Number of websites. The situation is the same here. The more websites your widget is installed on, the more views it gets. 
  • Owner’s views. You need to stay logged in to your Elfsight account to prevent your own views from being counted. Make sure you’re logged in to Elfsight from the same browser and device you’re working with your website.

What can I do to avoid running out of views?

To avoid running out of views, you'll need to think thoroughly about where to place the widget(s) and test it on one page only before getting a paid plan. If you still run out of views, it means that your website is really popular and it has a lot of visitors. The only way to make it stop in this case will be to upgrade your plan, and here's the article on how to do it - Upgrading your subscription plan.

If you have any questions left, please feel free to contact our Support Team, we will be delighted to assist.

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