Upgrading your subscription plan

If you realize that the current views and widgets limits are not enough for you, or you want to remove Free Elfsight Widget logo, the best solution is to upgrade your subscription.

In this article, you'll find an instruction on how to do it.

In this article

Upgrading your subscription from Free plan

If you want to upgrade a free subscription, log in to your Elfsight account and select the app in question and find the Upgrade button. In our example, it will be Instagram Feed:

Find the suitable plan. Choose between:

  1. Single App or Pack - by changing the tabs
  2. Monthly or Yearly - by switching the toggle

You'll see a popup. Type in your email address, select the country, add the ZIP Code (if required), and the discount coupon code if you have one. Click  Continue:

Select PayPal or enter your card details and click  Subscribe Now:

You have successfully upgraded your subscription to a paid plan!

Upgrading subscription from a paid plan

If you are already subscribed to a paid plan, and you want to upgrade it, please log in to your Elfsight account and go to the Billing page:
Find the plan in question and click Change Plan:

It will redirect you to a screen where you can select a subscription plan. Besides the tier, you can upgrade a Single App subscription to Pack or switch a monthly plan to yearly. Click Select:

Then you will see a confirmation window. Click Upgrade Plan to switch your subscription:

When you upgrade your subscription from a paid plan, you only pay the difference in price between the apps. You will be charged immediately. Updating your plan doesn’t change your billing date or your views refresh date, they remain the same.

You have successfully upgraded your paid plan!

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