How to remove 'Free Elfsight widget' logo

If you are subscribed to the Free plan, you may notice that there is a 'Free Elfsight widget' logo under your widget. 

Here is an example of what it looks like:

This logo is part of the Free plan, and it is automatically removed for the paid plans. To have it removed, you need to upgrade your subscription plan.

Upgrading to a paid plan will give you several other advantages that are not available with the Free plan:

  • Larger views limit to make sure that your widget doesn't get deactivated before the next views refreshment date. You can find out more about our views metric in this article - Views: everything you need to know
  • The option of creating several different widgets to make sure you are displaying the right kind of content in the right area of your website.

Paid subscriptions are available at a relatively low cost, but they are priceless in terms of helping you promote your website and grow your business.

If you need more information about our paid plans, you are welcome to check out our Pricing or contact our Support Team.

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