Why my own views are counted in Safari

As you may already know, our system doesn't count your own views by default. To prevent your own views from being counted, you simply need to stay logged in to Elfsight on the same browser and device where you work on your website.

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However, Safari users might encounter an issue where their views are counted regardless.

Due to the Safari browser's peculiarities, your views might still be counted by our system even if you're logged into your Elfsight account. This occurs because of Safari's settings such as Prevent Cross-Site Tracking and Block All Cookies. Therefore, to resolve this issue, you need to disable these settings. To do so, please follow the simple steps below.

Go to the Privacy tab in your browser settings and uncheck the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking setting there:
Following that, click on Advanced and uncheck the Block All Cookies setting, too:

Below, you'll find instructions on how to disable these on your mobile device:

Tap on the Safari app in your phone settings:
In the Privacy & Security section, toggle off the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking setting:
Following that, go to the Advanced tab and make sure the Block All Cookies setting is turned off, too:

After turning off these settings, your own views will no longer be counted.

If disabling these settings is not an option for you, we recommend using a different browser when working on your website.
However, please be aware that Firefox has the same peculiarity. If you require instructions for Firefox, please refer to the following article - Why my own views are counted in Firefox.

In case you have discovered this article a bit too late and your own views have already been counted, please contact us. We'll gladly rectify this situation for you.

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