My widget is deactivated (views expired)

In this article, we will explain the reason for deactivating a widget, what happens to it after deactivation, and how to make it active again.

Why is my widget deactivated?

Sometimes a floating widget may disappear from the site or a static widget becomes inactive with an inscription “Widget is deactivated. Please visit Elfsight Apps” on top of it. It means that the widget on your website is deactivated because your views limit is over. However, before your views limit runs out, you will get several notification emails from Elfsight Apps, so deactivation won't come as a surprise.

How to make my widget active again

Your widget will become active after the next views refresh date. When you install your widget to a website, the Statistics tab will come up in your Elfsight account that allows you to monitor your views. This tab shows how many views you have left, and calculates the approximate number of views you'll need till the next refresh date.

If you don't want to wait until the next views refresh date, you can upgrade your subscription plan.

Upgrading your subscription plan will not only activate your widget again, but will also give you several other advantages, such as:

- Increased views limit - this will make sure that the widget works without interruptions;

- Increased widgets limit - you'll be able to create multiple widgets within the app you're subscribed to;

- Free Elfsight Widget logo removal.

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