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Are you an agency, website designer, or a developer using Elfsight apps across multiple clients' websites? If so, this article could be valuable for you. It offers guidance on how to use the Projects section to group widgets, enhancing the overall simplicity of navigation within your Elfsight account.

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The purpose of the Projects section

As mentioned earlier, the Projects section is a great tool for organizing your widgets in your account. If you're working with multiple clients, having everything in one place is crucial to save time and effort. The Projects section helps you sort your widgets easily. By setting up a project, you can neatly group all widgets related to a specific client under that project. See example below:

Creating your first project

Are you ready to start using this feature? Let's dive into exploring it together!


To create your first project, navigate to the Projects section and click Create Project:


Name your project by assigning a specific title that will remind you of a certain client, or even include a website URL for easy reference:

That's all. You have successfully created your first project:

By the way, you will always be able to rename your project later, if necessary:
Or even delete it, if it was created by mistake or is no longer needed - Deleting a project.


The next step will be to fill this project with your widgets:

Already have a widget that you would like to move to your new project, or would like to create a brand-new widget within it? Check out these articles for step-by-step instructions:


Did you mistakenly assign your widget to a wrong project, or realized that the widget is no longer necessary at all? These articles explain what to do next:

Well done! Now you know how to use Projects to organize your widgets.

Who can use Projects

The Projects section becomes accessible with the Pro subscription (Single App Pro or Pro Pack) and higher - Pricing. Please note that the number of projects you can create is limited, depending on the plan you are subscribed to. Currently, we have the following limitations:

Plan (Single App or Pack) Limits
3 projects
Premium 9 projects
Enterprise T1 15 projects
Enterprise T2 30 projects
Enterprise T3 60 projects
Enterprise T4 120 projects

Want to start using the Projects section, but cannot find it within your account? Upgrade your subscription plan now to get access and enjoy its benefits!

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