Creating new widget in a project

When working on a project, you might need to add more widgets to it as you go. Instead of creating a widget and assigning it to a project afterward, you can create new widgets right inside the project. For that, stick to the simple instructions given in this article.

Do you want to learn more about Projects in general? If so, we invite you to explore our introductory guide - Projects: Getting Started.


To begin, navigate to the Projects section in your Elfsight account and select the Project Card you wish to fill with widgets:

Click the Create New Widget button if you're starting with a brand-new project: Or click Create Widget to add a fresh widget to the existing ones:
This will forward you to the Apps Catalog, where you need to choose an App you'd like to use. After deciding on the app, pick the template and customize the widget settings to your liking:
Feeling a bit stuck with the settings? Check out our Help Center tutorials - Getting Started.
If you're happy with how the widget turned out, feel free to Publish (1) the changes right away and proceed with the installation, or just Close (2) the widget's editor for now. You can always return to touch up the settings later:
Closing the widget editor will take you back to the initial project. You will be able to access the widget here, on the project's page: Or on the My Apps tab:

Not sure how to move a widget to an existing project? Check out this article for a step-by-step guide on assigning a widget to a specific project - Assigning widget to a project.

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