Assigning widget to a project

Grouping widgets in Projects is a great way to structure your Elfsight workspace. With this feature, any widget you need to access is just a couple clicks away!

Do you want to learn more about Projects in general? If so, we invite you to explore our introductory guide - Projects: Getting Started.


To assign a widget to a project, go to the My Apps tab and pick the app you used to create the widget:


Find the widget you'd like to add to your project and click the action button (...) next to it:


Following that, click Assign to Project and choose the desired project from the dropdown window:

Please note that the widget cannot be assigned to multiple projects. You can assign it to one project only.

Confirm your choice by clicking the Assign to Project button:

Brilliant! You will see a popup confirming the widget has been assigned:

By the way, don't forget that you can also create a new widget right within the project. For that, please take a look at the following guide - Creating a new widget in a project.

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