Deleting a project

Have you found yourself needing to delete a project that is no longer required? Follow the easy steps outlined below to achieve that.

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Before deleting a project, it is important to delete all widgets associated with it. To remove a specific widget, please navigate to the My Apps tab, select the widget you wish to delete by clicking the action button (...) and confirm your intention to delete the widget completely by clicking on the Delete Widget button:
After that, repeat the process for all widgets associated with the project you aim to delete.

Once all widgets linked to this projects are removed, navigate to the Projects section → My Projects page and choose the project you would like to delete:

Following that, click the action button (...) at the bottom of the project and choose to Delete this project:

If you haven't deleted all widgets associated with the project, you will see a popup window asking to do so before you proceed: If all widgets have been deleted successfully, you'll simply need to confirm your desire to delete the project by clicking the Delete Project button:

Alternatively, you can also delete the project on the project's page. For that:

Click on the project's card:
Press the action button (...) and choose Delete from the dropdown. You will also have to delete all widgets associated with the project first:

Well done. Your project has been deleted successfully, as indicated by the confirmation message at the bottom of the screen:

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