Dashboard 3.0 - Introducing Main Changes

Welcome to Elfsight Dashboard 3.0 — brand-new user interface designed to scale and expand its functionality in the future. You'll find that the new Dashboard is incredibly user-friendly, making it simple to manage and install the widgets that look and function just the way you want them to. 

Our team has worked hard to make the entire interface clear and user-friendly, and we are excited to present this new tool to help you create amazing widgets for your website!

What's new

My Apps

Introducing the new My Apps page — designed to make widget management easier and more convenient than ever before. Our team has implemented a range of new features to ensure that our customers have the tools they need to manage their widgets with ease.
  1. Separate My Apps page. My Apps and Catalog are now two different pages. You can either browse the Catalog, discovering new apps or manage your widgets without being distracted by the ones you do not use yet.
  2. Widget pages. You can now edit, customize, and track the performance of your widgets all from one convenient location — just select an app in the left-hand menu: 
  3. Widget's preview. Now finding a widget among others have become even easier with widgets' previews:
  4. Search. Now you can search widgets by their names. You've been waiting for this feature, and we have implemented it!
  5. Sorting widgets. Sort the widgets by Date Created, Last Modified, or Alphabetical order:
  6. Three different widgets views. The Elfsight Dashboard 3.0 offers three different views for managing widgets:
    • List and Grid views are suitable for users with a small number of widgets, as they display large previews of each widget.
    • Table view is more convenient for users with a large number of widgets, as it allows to see more widgets on one screen.

Apps Catalog

In our new dashboard, Apps Catalog is placed on a separate page where you can find all the Elfsight apps you have and haven't used. Let's find out what you can find on this page:

  1. Search option. The new Catalog page design includes a search bar that allows you to quickly find the apps you need.
  2. Categories section. Along with the Search option, you can find the apps you need in the category section. All categories are now conveniently located on the left side of the page, so you don't need to scroll down to find the app you're looking for.
  3. App Request. If you need an app that isn't currently available, you can now go to our wishlist in one click and request it.


If you don't have time to create a widget from scratch, or you're not sure which app will be perfect to help you solve your business' problems, you can choose one of the hundreds of our ready-to-use widget templates. Find the perfect widget template for a specific goal and save your precious time!

All you need to do is to click on the desired template. You can then alter it the way you want or leave it as it is — it's up to you to decide! For your convenience, there's a search option — use it to find the template by the app name or the purpose you want to use it for:

Autosaving and Publishing

We have slightly altered the process of modifying and saving widget content and settings. Now there is even more functionality that will make it easier for you to work with widgets.

  1. Autosaving option. When you change your widget content or settings, all adjustments will be saved automatically. This ensures that your changes won't be lost in the process and helps you work more efficiently. The changes won't be applied to the live widget until you click the Publish button.
  2. Publishing Changes. When you edit your widget, all your changes are saved automatically. Once you make final adjustments and come to the version you want to see on the website, just click the Publish button so all the changes apply to the live widget. This ensures that your changes are applied only when you're ready to publish them.
  3. Unpublished Changes status. If you edit your widget and haven't published it yet, the widget will have Unpublished Changes status. It will help you understand that this version of the widget is different from the one visible on your website and allows you to keep track of your changes more easily.

View Limit Tracking

Each app has its own monthly view limit according to its plan. Views are counted when your app is loaded on your website or by a share link, and each load counts as one view. Learn more about view limit.

In response to our users' requests, we've paid particular attention to making limit tracking more convenient in the new Dashboard. This will allow you to make informed decisions when choosing a plan and monitor your views usage to avoid interruptions in your app's performance.

  1. View Stats. See a detailed views evaluation by just clicking on counter:After this, a popup with statistics will be opened. It includes a month-by-month chart that allows you to see your previous periods of views usage and compare them, giving you a better understanding of your app's performance over time.
  2. View Limit Forecast. Based on previous statistics, this feature calculates whether you have enough views or not. It can be used to analyze the trend.

Embedding Widget

Installing a widget has become even more intuitive. After publishing the changes or clicking the Install button, you'll see an Embed Widget popup window. Here you can find the following things:

  1. The Embed code. Just copy and paste this code to the needed place on your website, and the widget will become visible to your visitors 😉
  2. Platform Tutorials. Having trouble installing the widget? Select your CMS, and you'll see the installation tutorial on the right side of the screen.
  3. Request Installation. If you'd like us to install the widget for you, go to the Request Installation tab, fill out a form and our handy developers will place the widget on your website.

The Elfsight Dashboard 3.0 also includes a new feature that allows you to use your widget by direct link and use it in your business processes, even if you don't have a website. This link leads to a page that hosts only your widget, making it easy to share with clients and customers. You can embed the link in emails, send it to clients via messengers, and even use widgets in a format that is gaining popularity — as a Link Bio on social networks.

The ability to share a widget by link greatly expands the options for using Elfsight widgets, here are a few examples:

  1. Portfolio. Embed a link to your portfolio in your Link Bio, and share it with clients via messenger, so they can marvel at your outstanding work.
  2. File Embed & PDF Embed. Send a link to a file category, such as instructions or documents. Alternatively, send a link to view a specific file with ease.
  3. Google Maps. Embed a Store Locator link in your link Bio or send a map with your locations to your client to make it easier for them to find you.
  4. Pricing Table. Send the link to the clients so that they can get acquainted with your products and plans.
  5. FAQ. Refer to the FAQ during your dialogue, and give your clients timely responses.
  6. Audio & Video Players. Share audio albums, podcasts, video playlists, and instructional videos. Send clients a link to your audio and video content, making it easy for them to access and enjoy.


We've now made all of our profitable deals available on a separate page! Find amazing offers, get access to more apps with amazing discounts, and make the most of Elfsight Dashboard 3.0 🤩

Our cutting-edge Dashboard 3.0 is now better than ever with a whole list of exciting new features. But that's not all — we're constantly working to improve your experience and will be adding even more new features in the future. 

So why wait? Try out our new dashboard today and experience the future of streamlined productivity!

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