Configuring your first widget in Old Dashboard

To create your first widget, click on the name of an app you'd like to use on Applications tab of your Elfsight account and you'll be immediately redirected to the editor where you can create a widget of the app you've chosen. For example, if you click here

This is what you'll see:

To configure your widget, first select the template you'd like to use. Each of our widgets has several templates to choose from. Templates are basically widgets preset for specific use-cases. You can choose the one that suits you best from the point of view of widget placement or content you need to feature. After you've chosen the template, click Continue with this template.

After selecting the template you'll get to the editor where you can upload content to your widget (when required), set its styles, settings and appearance. All the changes you make will be immediately displayed in the preview in the right part of the screen. When you're finished customizing your widget, just press Save.

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