How to add Elfsight widget to Google Sites website

To add Elfsight widget to your Google Sites website, you need the installation code. Here is an article that explains where to get it - Where to get Elfsight widget installation code.

If you are a New Dashboard user, you can find the installation code of your widget following the steps described in this article - Where to get Elfsight widget installation code (new dashboard).

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Unfortunately, due to the platform's peculiarities, all popup and floating widgets (e.g. Age Verification, Popup, and Chat apps with floating position) can't be installed on Google Sites websites, so you can only add inline widget. 

Installing a widget on new Google Sites website

Go to Google Sites editor
Log in to your Google account, click on Google apps and select Sites: Then select the website where you'd like to install the widget:
Embed the widget to your website
Click on Embed button:
Paste the installation code
Select Embed code, paste the code and press Next:
Adjust the widget's size
With your mouse cursor grab the border and drag it to the desired width or height:

You've successfully added Elfsight widget to your Google Sites website!

Installing a widget on classic (old) Google Sites website

Unfortunately, Google Sites platform doesn't support JS codes, that's why you'll need to convert it into iframe in order to make it

Convert your code to iframe
Follow the steps in our How to install you widget in iframe article. Save the code as you'll need it later.
Open Google Sites Editor
Log in to your Google Sites dashboard, choose the page where you need to install the widget and click on Edit button:
Add a new HTML element.
Press Edit HTML Source button:
Add the widget's code
Insert the iframe code you've created in Step 1 and click on Update:
Edit the widget
Change the widget's size and other settings if needed. To do it click on widget and then on Properties:

Voila! The widget is successfully installed:

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