Why new posts don't show up in my Instagram Feed widget

While using Instagram Feed, you may observe that newly added posts do not immediately appear in the widget. The reason behind this is the cache. In this article, our goal is to explain how often widgets are updated depending on different types of connections and give a clear explanation of how the cache works.

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Public Accounts & Hashtags Source Type

The widgets with the Public Accounts & Hashtags type of connection update every 23 hours:

If a public account is switched to private, the widget will only showcase the posts that were previously pulled in before the status change. As a result, any new posts will not be visible. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your account remains public in order for all new posts to be displayed in the widget.

My Business Account and My Personal Account Source Types

If your widget uses My Business Account or My Personal Account type of connection, the content will update every 6 hours:

How cache works

With the way our Instagram Feed widget works, it requests Instagram once in a certain amount of time, pulls in the images by the specified criteria, stores them in the cache, and displays them from the cache. After the cache is expired, the widget requests Instagram for the images again, and that’s when the new ones make it to your feed.

Cache helps the app not to request Instagram each time someone opens the page the widget is installed on. That allows it to load faster and reduce the server load.

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