Step 2: Adjust the appearance of your Instagram Feed widget on Layout tab

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Choosing Feed Layout and Post Template

Feed Layout section features two available feed templates – Slider and Grid. 

The choice of these two templates depends on the way you need to display your widget. Slider is the preferred choice for cases when your Instagram Feed widget is one of the elements on your website page. For example, when you need to install it above the footer, or add it to a social section on your website. If you'd like to set up an entire page specifically for your Instagram Feed, and if you need the feed to take up the entire page, your best choice is grid.

Also, you can choose one of 2 post templates:

Classic template was styled after Instagam posts, so it might be the choice for you if you need your feed to resemble Instagram as much as possible.

Columns and Rows

This is where you can set your widget's dimensions, both for mobile and desktop devices. 

To set the parameters of your desktop widget, set the right number of columns and rows in corresponding sections, and set the spacing between images in the feed in pixels, if it's necessary:

To set the display parameters for mobile devices, scroll down to Mobile Optimization field. There are three default resolutions with the settings that you can keep or change. You can delete, duplicate or add your own resolution:

Click on the resolution size to adjust the feed for devices of this size. 

The last option in this section is Width. We suggest that you set it to Auto for best display:

Call to Action Buttons

Call to Action Buttons are used to draw more attention to a post, and to encourage your users to take some actions. Here's an article that explains in detail how to add these buttons to your feed. Please, just keep in mind that the buttons are displayed on the images in the popup, you won't see them in the gallery.

Post Settings

In this section you can manage the information that comes up in your widget on mouse hover:

And it's also here that you can manage the information displayed in the popup:

Just check/uncheck the items you need, and you're good. 

In Action on Image Click you can choose what will happen when a user clicks on an image. You can have the image open in the popup, direct the user to Instagram to view the image there, or you can choose None. In the latter case clicking on an image in the feed won't do anything.

Slider Controls

Go to Slider Controls section to activate/deactivate controls and adjust slide switch speed and autoplay:

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