Setting up Call to Action Buttons in Instagram Feed

The option to set Call to Action Buttons in the Instagram Feed widget serves the purpose of attracting greater focus towards a post and motivating users to perform certain actions. Adding them to your widget is easy, all you need to do is follow these instructions.


Go to the Post tab of your widget's settings → Call to Action Buttons:


Click Add Button to add a new button:


Paste the Instagram URL of the post you need to add the button to in Instagram Post URL (1) field. If necessary, paste the redirect URL in Button URL (2). Finally, add the text of your button to Button Label (3):


Save the changes and you will see the Call to Action button in the popup of that post:


Please perform the same steps for the remaining posts. It is necessary to configure each button individually because it is not possible to create a single button and assign it to multiple or all posts.

Please note that, for the Call to Action button to appear, the link should not contain any additional parameters. Otherwise, the widget may not be able to recognize it.


Great job! Now you know what this option does and can use to make your Instagram Feed even more interacting!

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