Where to find and download your invoice

All our financial transactions are handled by Paddle, an authorized reseller and payments processing company. Once you've subscribed to a paid plan, you'll receive an email containing your invoice from Paddle at the email address you've registered with us. However, you can also access and review your invoice within your Elfsight Apps account whenever needed.

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Where to find your invoice

To review your subscription history and check your invoices, please log in to your Elfsight account and go to the Billing tab:

Scroll down to Payment History and click View Invoice to open the necessary invoice:

How to download your invoice

Once you open the invoice, you can also download it by opening a print window. To do this, simply press Ctrl+P [MacOs - Cmd+P] on your keyboard or find the Print option in your browser's settings:

Choose Save as PDF and click Save:

Well done! You have successfully downloaded your payment invoice.

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