Applying VAT number to your subscription

If you purchase a paid Elfsight plan, you may notice that our prices include VAT. What's that?

VAT (value-added tax) is a sales tax collected on purchases if you, the buyer, are from a country where VAT applies. In this case, VAT will be automatically added as a separate item to your invoices.

Do you have a valid VAT ID or a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate? Follow the steps outlined below to ensure your tax is revised accordingly.

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You can easily enter your VAT ID when you upgrade your Free plan to a paid one. Here's how you can do it.

In the checkout popup, type in your email address, select the country, add the ZIP Code (if required), and then click Continue:

Click Add VAT:

Enter all the required information, including the VAT number, company name, and address → Add VAT number:

All done! If you've entered a valid VAT ID and subscribed successfully, the revised tax will be automatically applied to your future invoices.

In case you didn't enter your VAT ID during the checkout or need to change it, please contact our Support Team or Paddle (our payments processing company) directly via [email protected].

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

If you have a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, our payment processing vendor Paddle can issue a tax refund after the order has been paid.

For this, you will need to send the tax exemption documentation to us or Paddle Support Team directly via [email protected]. Paddle Support Team will review the documentation and, if it is valid, the tax refund will be issued accordingly.

Now you know how your VAT is charged and revised!

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