How to change the font of the widget on Wix

Sometimes you may notice that the font of the widget on your Wix website differs from the one you see in your widget's editor. Unfortunately, due to the peculiarities of the Wix platform, our app supports a limited number of fonts here. However, we're pleased to share a solution that will help you integrate any free Google font into your widget. 

For that, please take a look at our video tutorial or follow the simple steps illustrated after the video:

Choose a free Google font with Regular 400 font-weight:
Copy CSS rules to specify families and paste them to the second line of your widget's installation code with style="..." attribute: our installation code will look the following way:
Add the widget's installation code to your website following the steps described in this article - How to add Elfsight widget to Wix website:
Go back to your Google font, click @import, copy the code: Add this code to your website right after the widget's installation code: Done! You've successfully added the Google font to your widget:

We hope this article helped you improve the appearance of your widget. However, if you encounter any difficulties, please contact us. We're here to assist!

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