How to add a Spotify track preview to Background Music

Unfortunately, adding full-length Spotify tracks to Background Music is not supported yet, but you can use a 30-second preview demo in your widget. Here is a short tutorial on how to get the preview link from Spotify.

  1. Copy the link of your Spotify track, open that link in a new tab and press Ctrl+Shift+C (Option+⌘+C) to open Console:
  2. Press Ctrl+F (⌘+F) to open Search, type p.scdn in the search field and you'll see the highlighted result that you need:
  3. Copy that link (e.g. and just paste it to your widget. Here is an article on how to add your tracks to Background Music widget.

That's it, you've successfully added the 30-second Spotify track preview to your Background Music widget!

You are very welcome to vote for a full-length Spotify tracks support in our Wishlist. We really appreciate your taking the time to help us grow our app!

If you have any questions left, please feel free to contact our Support Team, we will be delighted to assist.

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