File formats supported by Background Music

Our Background Music widget allows you to play music while your visitors browse the website. However, before adding the tracks, please make sure that our widget supports their formats.

File extensions supported by Background Music widget:

  • m4a
  • mp4a
  • mpga
  • mp2
  • mp2a
  • mp3
  • m2a
  • m3a
  • wav
  • weba
  • aac
  • oga
  • spx

If you want us to add any other formats, please submit your request in our wishlist tool - the place where you request the features you want to see in our widgets and our developers find what to implement next.  

If you've added the files of the right format and the widget still doesn't work properly, please contact our Support Team, we'd be glad to find the reason why it happens and help you fix everything.

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