Why my RSS Feed doesn't work

If you've added your feed source to the RSS Feed widget but for some reason it doesn't work, please do not worry. This article will explain how to remedy this situation.

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The format of your RSS feed file

The RSS Feed widget works only with .XML files, so the first thing that you should do is make sure that it is saved in the correct format.

Open your feed source in a new tab of your browser:
On this page open the developer's console ( Ctrl + Shift + J or Cmd + Shift + J for most of the browsers) and inspect the structure of the file. This is what the correct format looks like in Chrome browser:

As you can see, the file has a clear HTML structure. If you click on any element you can inspect it in the console and see if it renders as text or as HTML.

However, in case you've opened the file and see that it is rendering as text in quotations without HTML structure, you'll need to change the format of your feed:

How to change the format of your RSS feed file

Sometimes the file parsing may be wrong, so you will need to resave the feed file in the .XML format.

Please follow these steps to achieve that.

Open your feed link in the browser:
Open a Notepad app (or any analog of it) on your PC and copy-paste the text from the feed file:
Click on File Save As:
Choose All Files from the dropdown in the Save as type field and add .XML to the File name:
Upload the feed to your server.

Now the feed is successfully resaved as an .XML file and you can add it as a source to the widget.

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