Getting Started with PayPal Button widget

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  1. Payment details
  2. Button configuration
  3. Style and Appearance

1. Payment details

The process of creating PayPal Button for your website starts with entering your Seller PayPal email:

Please remember that it has to be a business PayPal account in order to accept payments for goods and services!

Next configurations will depend on Payment Type and here you will find detailed information about them - Payment Types in PayPal Button widget.

2. Button configuration

On Button tab you're able to set text for your Button and, if necessary, add a short line for the Header

Next thing for you to do is to choose  items you wish to display on your button.

Button Elements:

  • Button text
  • PayPal icon
  • PayPal text

Next, please choose relevant payment systems for displaying below the button.

Payment system icons:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Discover

3. Style and Appearances

On Style tab you can set Button size and width:

For width, you can choose pixels, percentage or " autofill" (to make the button calculate its width according to the button content width).

Also, you can change the color of Button, Text and Logo here:

Button shape option will let you round the angles of the button or keep them sharp:
In Border Settings section you can change Button border size and its color:

In the last  Custom CSS section you can add a CSS code to customize your widget. For example, you can use CSS code in order to change the font style of the text.

If you faced any difficulties using the widget or if you still have any questions that you didn't find the answers for, please contact our Support Team, we will be delighted to help you.

If you think that the widget is missing any features, you're always welcome to leave your feature request in our wishlist tool. We will be happy to consider all the suggestions for their realization in future app updates.

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