Payment Types in PayPal Button widget

Choosing Payment Type is essential part of your PayPal Button widget setup process. In this article, we will tell you more about the available payment types you can choose from. They are:

Checkout Type

First, you need to set the Product Name of the item or service you wish to display on the PayPal checkout page. Next, move to Localization, Currency, and Price options that will let you choose your target customers' country, currency for them and set the desired price:

Please keep in mind that the price doesn't include shipping, handling, or tax. However, you are welcome to add the Shipping Price or set the Tax Type separately:

Both the shipping price and tax will be added to the item's cost on the checkout page.

There are three types of taxes available:

  • None - no taxes
  • Percentage - tax amount will be calculated according to the total amount
  • Fixed - will set the fixed tax amount

Donation Type

The Localization and Currency options are the same here. However, you can choose what Donation Type you would like to stick to:

  • Optional - will let your visitors donate as much as they wish
  • Fixed - will set a fixed donation sum

Subscription Type

First, you will also need to set the Product Name, Localization, and Currency. Once it's done, you can:

  • Choose the Billing Interval:
  • Decide whether you'd like your subscription to be a Recurring one:

Well done! Don't forget to set the Shipping Price and Tax Type if necessary. 

Finally, you can also set the Redirect URL for your visitors after a transaction was successfully completed:

Now you know what payment type suits you best.

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