Adjusting the size of thumbnails

While working on your Instagram Feed widget's appearance, you may want to make the thumbnails bigger or smaller. This article explains how you can achieve that. 

How the widget works with sizes

The Instagram Feed widget doesn't have a setting as such to make the thumbnails larger. However, it is auto-responsive, which means that it calculates its size according to the size of the container you've placed it in. 

What you can do to change the sizes in the widget


You can adjust the size of the widget and the thumbnails in it using the container on your website. Simply place the widget in a larger or smaller container, and the thumbnails will follow.


Another way to adjust the size of the thumbnails is to adjust the number of columns and rows. The fewer columns and rows there are, the larger the thumbnails, and vice versa.

We hope this article will help you adjust the appearance of the widget to your liking!

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