Removing Load More Button from Instagram Feed

If you feel like your Instagram Feed doesn't need the Load More button, here are three easy solutions that can help you remove it.

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Adjusting your grid's settings

You can adjust your grid's settings (the number of rows and columns) so that all the images are fit into one slide. For instance, if you set the images limit option to 10, you can have a grid of 5 columns and 2 rows, so all the images will be displayed at once and the Load More button won't be required. To do so, please follow these easy steps:


Go to the Source tab → Filters and set the required number of posts in Total Number of Posts to Display:


Go to the Layout tab → Columns and Rows and set the corresponding number of columns and rows there:


Well done! Now your feed doesn't have the Load More button:

Changing layout

Another easy solution here would be to change the layout of your feed from Grid to Slider. You can do that on the Layout tab of your widget's settings:

Using CSS code

If you need to keep the Grid layout and the second option didn't suit you, just add the following CSS code to the Custom CSS field:

.es-load-more-button { display: none !important; }

Simple as that!

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