Step 1: Configure your Age Verification widget

On Settings tab, first of all, you need to set Minimum Age for your website's visitors and choose Verification Method from drop-down list.

In Remember Visitor section you need to insert the number of days that the widget will not be appearing to a person after he confirmed the age. If you insert 0, Age Verification will never appear to the same person again.

In Underage section you can choose between two options. If your website visitor is younger the age you set, you can Show Message to him with any text you want.

Or you can add Redirect URL so that your website's visitor will go to another page.

In Where to Display section you can choose the pages where the widget should appear.

  1. All Pages option means that the widget will appear at any page of your website
  2. In Excluded Pages field you can add the URL to make the widget appear on all pages except the ones you added here
  3. Specific Pages feature will make the widget comes up only on certain pages. If you need the widget to appear only on the homepage you can just insert homepage here
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