Step 1: Configuring your Age Verification widget

During the setup of your Age Verification widget, it's important to adjust its main settings to ensure that it perfectly covers your needs. This article will guide you through the process.

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Age Settings

The first thing you need to do while adjusting the settings of your widget is set the Minimum Age for your website's visitors and choose the Verification Method from the drop-down list:

In the example above, your website will only be accessible to users who are at least 21 years old. If you decide to verify their age using the Date of Birth or Year of Birth option, the users will need to provide that information before entering your website.

Remember Visitor

In the Remember Visitor section, you should specify the number of days during which the widget won't reappear to a user after they've confirmed their age:

For instance, if you insert '0', the widget will appear each time the page with the widget is refreshed.

Underage Action

In the Underage Action section, you can choose between two options. If a website visitor is younger than the age you set, you can display a certain notification with any custom text using the Show Message option:

Or you can redirect such visitors to another page using the Redirect to URL option:

Where to Display

In the Where to Display section, you can choose where the widget should appear:

  • All Pages option means that the widget will appear on every page the code of the widget was added to
  • In Excluded Pages field, you can add a certain URL to make the widget appear on all pages except the one you added within this field
  • Specific Pages feature will make the widget come up only on certain pages. If you need the widget to appear only on the homepage of your website, simply type in the word homepage here

Well done! Now you can proceed to customizing the widget's appearance - Step 2: Customizing your Age Verification widget.

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