Step 1: Add your tracks on Tracks tab of Audio Player

On Tracks tab you can delete the default tracks and add yours: click Remove item button and Yes to confirm you're sure that you want to delete it. Then, when you removed all of the tracks, you need to click Add to fill the player with the content you want.

Here you can upload File of your track and its Image, also fill in Title and Artist fields.

On Tracks tab you can also change the order of your tracks by dragging the track with Reorder button and dropping to the needed position. Also, there is an option of duplicating tracks by clicking Duplicate item button.

When you added your tracks, you can also Add Buttons.

In this section you can choose Download Button to let your visitor download your tracks or create your Custom Button.

With the help of Custom Button you can also let visitors download tracks or you can choose action Go to URL to redirect your visitors to any page you need. For example, you can add the link where your customers can buy your tracks. You can also change the Icon, Hint and Color of the button. Buttons will be displayed on hover.

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