Step 3: Final options on More tab of Facebook Feed

The last but not the least More tab of Facebook Feed will help you change the language of your widget and use the Custom CSS option to create a unique visual identity for your Facebook Feed.

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Choosing the language

Sometimes, the default language of the widget may not always be the best fit for your website. If your website visitors are mostly non-English speakers, it's important to display the feed in the language you and your visitors prefer. Our Facebook Feed offers you a choice of 30 languages. To set a specific language, go to the More tab, click on the dropdown menu, and pick the desired language from the dropdown list:

Adding Custom CSS

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, plays a crucial role in customizing the appearance of the widget by allowing you to make specific modifications that may not be available in the settings. If you find yourself in need of a particular configuration that isn't offered in the settings menu, chances are high that it can be achieved with the help of CSS. Just add the code to the Custom CSS section and save the changes:

For instance, CSS can be used to change the background color of the widget. It can be achieved with the help of the following CSS code:

background: rgba(245, 39, 145, 0.09);

Now that you are aware of these options, you can make your widget ever more attracting!

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