Step 2: Adjust the appearance of your Facebook Feed widget on Layout tab

Important! This article covers settings for a particular template, in case you chose another template settings may vary.

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Width and Height

Set Width and Height to adjust the widget's size the most appropriate way. The value can be in pixels, percentages or set to auto.

This section lets you customize your widget's header.

  • 1 - show/hide the header itself;
  • 2 - show/hide elements providing the Header is enabled;
  • 3 - add and remove Like or Share button as well as duplicate any of them.

Show or hide Posts, Photos, Albums and Videos sections.


Important! This and the following sections are visible in the widget providing Menu option is enabled.

Here you can customize Posts section's elements.

  • 1 - show/hide the Posts section itself;
  • 2 - show/hide Posts info elements;
  • 3 - This option lets you display a particular number of posts at the same time. In case you don’t need any limit, just keep it at 0.


Show or hide the Photos section.


Show or hide the Albums section.


  • 1 - show/hide the Videos section itself;
  • 2 - show/hide Videos info elements.

Show or hide information visible in a popup.

Layout tab is done! Time to check More Tab.

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