Setting up questions and question categories with FAQ

First of all, you need to go to the settings of your widget, Content tab will be opened by default. Before you start adding your question category, you need to remove the default one. To do it, click Remove and then Yes to confirm that you want to remove the default category from your widget. When you have deleted it, you need to click Add to create a new category.

You’ll be directed to the screen where you can create a new category of questions. Here you can set the title in Category Title field and click on Category Icon to select a proper icon. Then you can start adding questions to this category right on this screen, by clicking Add in Questions section.

You’ll be directed to Questions tab. Enter your question and answer. You can use rich text editor to format your answer.

After you’ve successfully added the question, it will be displayed in the widget, and in the questions list in the left-hand menu. The questions are sorted chronologically in the order you’ve added them, but you can also drag and drop them to change their order on the list.

When you get back to Content tab, you will see your categories displayed in the left-hand menu. Categories are listed in the order they were created in, but you can drag and drop them to the right place on the list the same way as questions. Also, you can enable breaking questions into categories by just switching the toggle Display Category Titles on Content tab.

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