How to add a picture to the FAQ widget

Sometimes you need to add your picture to the widget, however, unfortunately, not all picture links are supported in our service. For example, Dropbox and Google Drive links won't work because the direct links to images include get-parameters

Get-parameters are the part of the URL after the "?" symbol in the link (e.g., get-parameter is dl=1).

In this article you will find out how to add a file to Elfsight storage and use it in your widget.

1. Create a new widget, where it is possible to add pictures (e.g. Popup). You can do it for free on the Applications tab in your Elfsight account.

2. In the Blocks section click on the image tab. 

3. Click on the Upload button and select the file that you need to see in the widget. 

4. Delete this image and click again on the Upload button → Recently uploaded. Then you need to right-click on the picture and open it in a new tab.

5. Copy the link in the address bar.

6. Then go to the FAQ widget settings →  Content field → All questions button and click on the question where you want to add a picture.

7. Paste the copied link of the picture like <img src="picture link"> next to the answer to the question. If you still have some difficulties with adding your image to the widget or some other questions have left, please contact our Support Team, we will be always glad to help you.

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