Displaying single YouTube video in YouTube Gallery widget

Want to keep things simple and only show one video in your YouTube Gallery widget? Here are some tips on how to make sure a single video looks good in the widget.


Go to the Source tab in the settings of your widget and click Source Groups:


In the Source Groups tab, click the Add Source Group button:


And then add the video’s YouTube URL to the YouTube Sources section:


Next, go back to the Source tab, switch to the Layout tab, and choose the Columns & Rows section:


Set one column and one row to display the video in full width of your widget:


Get back to the Layout tab and click on the Slider Settings section:


Turn all toggles off:


Go back to the Layout tab once again and choose the Video section:


Uncheck all boxes in the Video Elements section to remove all the information below your YouTube video:

Looks good, doesn't it?

You have successfully adjusted your settings to display a single YouTube video in your widget!

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