Displaying YouTube playlist in Youtube Gallery widget

Have a particular YouTube playlist you want to share on your website? It is very easy to set up in our YouTube Gallery widget and we'll be happy to explain how!


To set a playlist to display in your YouTube Gallery widget, first, you need to open the widget's editor. It will be opened on the Source tab by default. You can leave the first field blank if you don’t need to display a channel, or if you do, paste the channel URL here before adding a playlist to your gallery.


To add a playlist, go to the Source Groups tab:


Next, click Add Source Group:


Type in the preferred source name in the Group Name field. Then, click Add URL:


Paste the YouTube URL of the required playlist to the YouTube URL field and click Done:

Make sure that the link you paste to the YouTube URL field is the actual playlist link, and not the link to the first video in that playlist. If you’ve pasted the link, and only one video is displayed, it means that you must have copied the link to that video, and not the playlist link. You can copy the link to your playlist on YouTube by right button clicking on the name of the playlist and choosing Copy link address:

You have successfully added your YouTube playlist to the widget! Go ahead and explore the other features our widget has to offer!

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