How to Add Etsy Reviews to Any Website

Here, you will learn how to design and embed a review widget on your website using Elfsight Etsy Reviews widget. This simple instrument will allow you to show user reviews, rating badges, and an Etsy link to collect input.

In 4 quick actions, you are able to post testimonials on your site:

Sounds simple? In addition to this crazily uncomplicated embed process, you may add reviews without any web development. Use ready-made templates and get total compatibility with any CMS.

Step 1. Create an Etsy Reviews widget

We'll start with selecting a template for your particular instance. Classical and converting options for integrating reviews into a page are Grid and Slider.

For the footer and side menu, clear, plain design are the best; small and neat review badges are superb for floating widgets. Once you have chosen a perfect template, click ‘Continue with this template’.

Add sources to the Etsy Reviews widget

You can integrate reviews from your Etsy profile into the widget by entering your profile URL in the widget's search box.

Afterwards, you may filter reviews by ratings, keywords in the review text, author, and URL to remove unfavorable and undesirable ones. Read an article for more information about reviews filtering.

Step 2. Customize the plugin

The plugin can be fully personalized in a visual editor once it has been made. You can add the additional Etsy Reviews and integrate them into a website within just a couple of clicks, giving them the appropriate style and feel.

Bonus: Taste the all the perks of widget's built-in Schema markup

To create a rich snippet, which will display stars for a website page in SERP and, therefore, generate more clicks, micro-markup is essential. In our article you can learn more info about how Schema markup works.

In the Reviews widget, it is included by default. But if you wish, you can always switch it on or off.

Choose layout

To make interacting with Etsy reviews as easy as possible, select List, Masonry, Grid, Carousel, Floating badge, or Embeddable badge. Then decide on a review style. Check to see which components are required, then turn them on or off. Last but not least, select a light or dark color scheme, an accent color, a typeface, and get a preview of your lovely customer reviews.

Step 3. Copy an embed code

Save the generated widget, then copy the Etsy Review embed code into your Elfsight Apps account. You may now show it on your website.

You can now show the review widget you generated on your website by adding it.

Step 4. Add the code to a webpage

You can add the widget to any platform that accepts custom HTML field. You can move on to the next steps after making sure your website builder or CMS supports this option.

  1. In your page or website template, add an HTML section.
  2. Embed the embed code there.
  3. Save the changes, then check the review widget on a website.

It's really simple! The general procedure depends on the website building platform you select. You can find the more detailed instructions for inserting reviews into various website builders.

You may browse the collection of user manuals for the most famous website builders, for instance, WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Weebly, Google Sites, and many others. If you want assistance with installation, click the link.

How to integrate reviews from Etsy to Shopify

  1. Go to the backend of your website, choose the needed page, and then click "Customize" under the "Online Store" heading.
  2. Choose the "Custom Content" area, then click "Add Section" to add the Etsy Reviews integration.
  3. Remove any superfluous items from the "Custom Content" block by clicking the "Custom HTML" section, then click "Add content."
  4. In the 'Custom HTML' box, paste the widget's code after removing the heading and other elements, and set the container's width to 100%.
  5. Enjoy the integrated Etsy Reviews after you've saved your edits.

Check out a more thorough tutorial on adding reviews to a Shopify website.

How to include Etsy Reviews into Squarespace

  1. Go to the Squarespace admin interface.
  2. Click 'Edit', add a Code section where the widget should be shown by clicking the plus (+) sign.
  3. Embed the installation code there.
  4. View the reviews on a Squarespace page by clicking "Save."

A more detailed tutorial on how to integrate Etsy Reviews into a Squarespace website is also available.

Adding Etsy Reviews to WordPress

  1. Select the Etsy Reviews page from the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Select the location on the page where you want the reviews to appear, then click +Add block.
  3. Find a Custom HTML block, then paste the stored code inside of it.
  4. Preview the outcome after saving the modifications.

Please familiarize yourself with a more detailed guide on how to add reviews to a WordPress website.

Add Etsy Reviews with iFrame

  1. Obtain the installation code
  2. Copy the ID of your widget. On the second line of code, you can see it.
  3. Transform the code
  4. To match the height of your widget, adjust the height:
  5. The finished code would be as follows:
<iframe src='' width='100%' height='1000' frameborder='0'></iframe>

Voila! Your Etsy installation code has been converted to an iFrame. You can also check a full instruction for widget installation in iFrame.

Tip: If you want to publish reviews from different sources all in one gallery, you can easily do it with the help of an All-in-One Reviews widget. It can also help you to show reviews from Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

You're welcome to contact our Support team if you experience any issues when trying to include Etsy reviews onto your platform. We are always eager to assist!

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