Fixing missing submissions from Elfsight Form Builder

It can be frustrating when you don't receive submissions from the Elfsight Form Builder widget. In this article, we'll guide you through four easy steps to troubleshoot this issue.

What should you do?

Check the email address
Double-check that you've added the correct email address. For that, open the widget editor, go to the Email tab → Notify Me:
Check your Spam Folder
If the email address is correct, check your Spam folder to see if the submissions have been misdirected.

Ensure the Elfsight email is not blacklisted
Make sure the email address [email protected], which is used for delivering the submissions, is not blacklisted.

Try another email address
Add another email address with a regular Gmail domain to the widget and check if you receive submissions there. If submissions arrive in the Gmail inbox but not at the initial email address, contact the email provider of the problematic address. The issue might be due to spam filters or other restrictions on their end.
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