Hiding a widget

Sometimes, you might find it necessary to temporarily deactivate your widget. However, removing its installation code from your website can be quite inconvenient. In such cases, you'd have to go through the installation process again when you want to bring the widget back.

Luckily, we offer two options that you may find helpful.

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Hide from Website option

This option can be found in your Elfsight Dashboard. To hide a certain widget, click on the three dots on the right side of it and choose Hide from Website:

Once it's hidden, you'll notice the following icon next to the widget's name:

If you use this option, the widget won't be visible on your site anymore, but its installation code will remain integrated into your website's structure. In addition to that, the widget won't show up on all websites / website pages where it used to be.

When you want to re-enable the widget, all you have to do is click on Show on Website:

Commenting out an installation code

Another method to hide a widget is to comment out its installation code. This option can be used if the widget's code was added to multiple websites or pages, and you want to exclude it from one or a few specific websites / website pages.

All you need to do is simply add <!-- before the installation code of the widget and --> after it. 

Here is an example of our commented widget:

Now you know how to hide a certain widget from your website and can effectively use these options to do so!

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