Providing access to your GoDaddy website

Elfsight Support Team may occasionally need temporary access to your GoDaddy website to install your widget or resolve functionality issues.

In this article, we'll provide you with a step-by-step guide on granting us access and removing it when it's no longer required.

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Providing access

To share access with Elfsight, please follow the steps provided below.

Go to your GoDaddy account settings here or enter them from your dashboard:
Select Account Settings Delegate Access:
Click Invite to Access:
Fill in the following account information and click Invite:

The user with [email protected] email has been added.

Removing Elfsight user

When you no longer need help from us, you're free to revoke access. You can do that following these easy steps:

Go to the Delegate Access page:

Find Elfsight access and click on Edit:
Select Delete:

Done! The access has been removed.

We request access to a website's backend to work with our widgets only. Our team of highly skilled developers will make sure to successfully install the widget for you. Rest assured, your website is in capable hands 🙂

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