Why I see a panel above my widget

We know that Elfsight users are often confused by this mysterious bar above their widget:

Due to certain peculiarities of some Website Builders, this bar may be cut off and display even more mysteriously, like this:

Please don't worry, this isn't a bug but rather a helpful feature known as the Information Panel. We feel it's our duty to tell you more about it!

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What is Information Panel

The panel is created for your convenience and gives you easy access to the following features:

A link to start editing the widget right away - no need to go to your Elfsight dashboard and look for the right widget
The views statistic for the app

Rest assured, this panel is visible only for you when you're logged in to your Elfsight account and your website's visitors won't see it at all. 

You can check it yourself: just log out of your account or load the page in Incognito mode. We guarantee that the panel won't display in this case!

How to hide Information Panel

In case you don't want to see the panel, you can hide it by adding this CSS code to the Custom CSS section of your widget:

.global-styles, .eapps-widget-toolbar {
  display: none !important;

The exact location of the Custom CSS section in the configurator depends on the widget, but you can usually find it on the Appearance tab:

To hide the panel for multiple widgets on the webpage, you can add the provided CSS code to just one of them - the code will automatically apply to all widgets on the page.

If you need to hide the panel for widgets across different pages of your website, you may add the code to the head element of your website, if possible.
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