Why autoplay doesn't work in my Audio Player widget

It might happen that the Audio Player widget is successfully installed and displays just fine, however, a track doesn't play automatically. This article is going to explain why.

What is the reason?

Autoplay is a beta feature, and sometimes it may work incorrectly in different browsers due to their autoplay policy. Over the last several years all browsers have made major changes to their Autoplay policy, and at this moment browsers may not allow audio and video autoplay until a user interacts with the browser, domain or widget. As an example, you can get acquainted with Google Chrome autoplay policy following this link.

What should I do?

A user should interact with your website and widget to make it play. To make the widget available for everyone, we recommend leaving play and volume buttons visible. Thus, even if autoplay doesn't work, your visitors will be able to make the widget play manually.

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