Elfsight and GDPR

In the light of GDPR regulations and changing privacy laws in EU, we get a lot of questions about whether our apps are GDPR compliant or not.

Thus, we have to inform you that our apps use only one cookie, and its purpose is to make sure that each person's views of the widget are not counted more often than once in 15 seconds, to prevent our customers from getting too many views. Apart from that, we don't use any other cookies, and we don't collect or store any personal information.

If this is crucial for you, we will be happy to personally turn this cookie off per the request if you wish, just contact us regarding this concern.

However, if you use social widgets like Instagram Feed, Facebook Reviews, etc. please keep in mind that despite the fact our apps use only 1 cookie that we can turn off, Instagram and Facebook can add cookies on their end that we cannot disable, unfortunately.

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