Getting Started with Countdown Timer

Encourage visitors to make immediate purchases by highlighting limited-time offers or maximize sales on the website during holiday time with the help of our Countdown Timer widget! In this article, we’re going to describe what timer types you can choose and how to configure your own widget.

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Timer Types

On the Timer tab, the first thing you need to do is to choose the type of your widget:

You can choose from the following options:

  1. Start-To-Finish Timer
  2. Remaining Time Counter Per Visitor
  3. Start-To-Finish Number Counter

Start-To-Finish Timer shows how much time left until a specific event or deadline. Simply set the Start Time (1) and End Time (2), and use the Time Zone (3) setting to manually adjust the required time zone:

You can schedule a widget for your website to appear only when you want it to. It'll be kept hidden until the set time, appearing on your website exactly when you need it to. In this case, you will see the following message within the widget's editor:


Remaining Time Counter Per Visitor allows you to customize a unique countdown timer for each visitor. For that, specify the Remaining Time Period (1) and select your preferred time format from the drop-down list in the Set The Time In (2) section:

In this case, your countdown timer will operate independently for each visitor. Each visitor accessing the page will encounter a different countdown time, determined by when they open the page with the widget.

When using this timer type, you also have the option to activate Counter Restart and set Time Period Before Restart to automatically renew the timer:


With the Start-To-Finish Number Counter type, you can showcase a live count while visitors are browsing your website. You can set any starting and ending values within Count From and Count To and even use this counter as finish-to-start, by setting it, for example, from 100 to 1:

In addition to that, you can choose Custom Countdown Frequency instead of Auto and set the desired frequency in seconds:

Kindly note that when the page is closed and reopened, the Start-To-Finish Number Counter will reset to its initial value and start counting down again. This feature ensures that the countdown is always fresh and starts from the beginning whenever the page is revisited.


In the Position section, you have the option to select both the location and the positioning mode for the widget to be displayed:

  1. Install To Required Position - Install the widget to a particular place of your page.
  2. Static Top Banner - Embed the timer banner at the top of the page. It will vanish from sight as you scroll down.
  3. Floating Top Banner - Make the timer to follow users’ scroll. It will always stay visible at the top.
  4. Floating Bottom Banner - Make the timer follow users’ scroll. It ensures the timer will remain visible at the bottom of the screen.

Message Before Timer

The Message Before Timer field lets you add any text you wish to appear above the widget:

Counters and Labels

In the Counters and Labels section (available only with the first two timer types), you can customize the way the timer counts, choosing whether to display or hide days, hours, minutes, or seconds. Within the Label fields, you can change the titles by adding any text you like:

Action After Timer Finishes

Within the Action After Timer Finishes section, you can Select Action from the following options available in the drop-down:

  • Hide timer
  • Show message
  • Redirect to URL

The Hide Timer feature allows you to decide whether you want the counters to be displayed after the timer finishes:

Show Message lets you set a custom message that will appear once the timer finishes. Here you can also choose whether to show counters and a button after the timer ends, and edit the button's link and text:

Redirect to URL allows redirecting a user from the page where your Countdown Timer is installed to any other page of your choice:

Timer Align

The final section allows you to position the widget to the left, center, or right side if you select the Install To Required Position option:

Once you've set up your Countdown Timer, it's time to install it. Check out our simple installation tutorials to easily add the widget to your website - Installation Tutorials by Platform (CMS).

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