Providing access to your Shopify website

Sometimes Elfsight Support Team might request temporary access to your Shopify website's admin panel. This article explains how to share it with us.

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Sharing Access

There are two ways you can give us access to your Shopify website's backend. Let's go over both options.

Collaborator Request

To access your website's backend, we submit a collaborator request targeting only Applications, Settings, Blog Posts, Pages, Navigation, and Themes sections of your admin panel.


You'll see the collaborator request notification in the top left corner of your Shopify dashboard. Simply click on the alert to proceed:


Then scroll to Collaborators and click on the pending request:

Press Accept Request:

The request has been approved. We will get a notification that we can now access your website's backend.

Creating Staff Account

You can also give us access to your website's backend by sending us an invitation to create a Staff Account.

Starter and Basic Shopify plans do not include the Staff Account feature. This option is available only for those who have the “Shopify” plan and higher.

If you are a Starter or a Basic plan user, please send us your collaborator code, so that we can request collaborator access to your website.

Log in to your Shopify admin panel and click Settings:
Go to Users and Permissions and click the Add Staff button:

Fill in the Staff information and send the invite.

First, enter the account information:

Next, specify the Permissions:

  • Online Store: Themes, Edit Code, Blog Posts and Pages, Navigation
  • Store Settings: Manage Settings, Domains

In App permissions, check Manage and install apps and channels and click Send Invite:

As you click Send Invite, a staff account for elfsight will be created and an invitation will be automatically sent to [email protected].

Removing Access

Remember to remove elfsight from your website's backend access when you no longer need help. You can do this in two ways, depending on how you originally shared access with us.

Remove Elfsight Support Collaborator Account

Here’s how to delete a user from collaborators.

Go to Settings:
Switch to the Users and Permissions tab, scroll down to Collaborators and select Elfsight Support:
Scroll down the page, click Remove and then Save:

Elfsight Collaborator Account has been removed.

Remove Elfsight Support Staff Account

This is how you can remove a Staff Account.

Go to Settings:
Switch to the Users and Permissions tab and choose Elfsight Support:
Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click Remove and then Save:

All done! Elfsight Staff Account has been removed.

Is it safe to provide Elfsight with access?

We only request access to your website's backend to manage our widgets; we don't interfere with anything else. Our developers are well-versed in Shopify and bring a high level of skill and care to your site. Rest assured, your website is in capable hands 🙂

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