How to hide time in Event Calendar widget

Not sure whether the display of time in your Event Calendar widget is necessary? No worries! We're delighted to assist you in hiding it. Simply follow the steps outlined below to achieve that. 

First, navigate to your widget's settings → the Layout tab → Event Elements:
Deselect the Time option to disable the display of time on the event cards:


If necessary, you can also disable time in the popups. For that, go to the Setting tab → Popup Elements, and deselect Date and Time:

Please note that the steps provided above will deactivate the display of time for all events. However, if you wish to hide time for a specific event, you can achieve this by selecting the All Day option within the event editor:

In this case, the widget will show only the day of this event:

Well done! Now that you are aware of this option, feel free to use it to hide time in your Event Calendar widgets.

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