Why my Search doesn't work

Our Search widget is a convenient interface that connects your website with Google search. While visitors initiate requests on your site, the actual search session takes place on Google's side.

If your Search doesn't return any results, one of these may be the reason.

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Your website needs to be reindexed

Since our widget retrieves and displays search results from Google, your website needs to be indexed by Google for the widget to work.

Please wait until your website is indexed or request indexation in your Search Console tool - Ask Google to recrawl your URLs

Your website is password-protected

As mentioned earlier, the Search widget functions on webpages indexed by Google. However, web crawlers, responsible for finding pages to index, can't reach password-protected pages. 

Therefore, to ensure the widget works, the only solution here is to make the protected webpage publicly available.

You've reached your API limit

Our Search widgets use official Google Search API, which is limited to 100 search queries per day for free. To extend your query limits, you'll need to enable billing for your Google Cloud project.

To view your API limits, visit the Enabled APIs page of the API library in the API ConsoleCustom Search APIQuota.

The widget is installed in iframe

Search widget installed in iframe will work and return results. However, the results, in this case, will be displayed in a floating window and responsive iframe may not be able to correctly adjust its dimensions to fit this results window. This could lead to the search results being cut off.

As a workaround, you can adjust the iframe's height and width values to consider the dimensions of the results window. However, keep in mind that this workaround may result in the widget occupying a significant amount of space. Therefore, it's recommended to avoid installing Search widget in iframe.

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