How to get Search Engine ID

Starting using our Search widget you might have stumbled over the request to add your Search Engine ID. In this article, we're going to tell you how to create it (which will take you only a couple of minutes!) and finally, start using our Search widget.

First of all, you need to create your search engine at To do it, you need to click Get started.
Then a form to fill out will appear. You need to add your domain to Sites to search field. Name of the search engine will be filled out automatically with your domain name, however, you can change it if needed. After you fill the required fields, you need to click Create.
You've successfully created your Custom search engine!
Now you need to go back here and click on your name of the search engine.
On Basics tab you will see the information about your Search engine. You need to copy Search engine ID.
The last step is to paste the Search engine ID to  Google search engine ID field in the widget settings. Hurray! It's done! Now you can continue configuring your Search widget.

If you have any questions left, please feel free to contact our Support Team, we will be delighted to assist.

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