Switching your subscription to another app

If you already have a paid subscription for a specific app, but it turns out that a different app suits your needs better, you can switch the app within your dashboard.

Here you'll find how to do it.

First, log in to your Elfsight account and go to the Billing page. To do it, press the arrow to the right of your avatar, and select Billing from the dropdown menu:
You will be forwarded to a separate page with a list of your active paid subscriptions. Choose the app that you would like to change, click on the 3 dots to the right, and select Switch App:
On the next page, press the Select an App button:
In here, you can either type the name of the new app or select it from the dropdown list:
Once you select the desired app, you will be able to see if any additional charges are in place. Press Switch App to finalize the change:
To confirm that the change has been made, go back to Billing. You should be able to see the new app that you have chosen:

And that is it, you have successfully changed the application for your existing paid subscription. Congratulations!

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