How to integrate your Form widget with Zapier

This article is going to explain the way you can integrate your Form widget with Zapier. Follow the steps below to make it work.

Open your widget's settings, go to the Integrations tab and choose Zapier :
Click on the Connect button:
Copy the token from Zapier Connection Token field (you will need to enter it on the Zapier side when setting up the integration). Next, click on the Go to Zapier button:
Scroll down to Supported triggers and actions and click on the New Form Submission trigger:
Then, you need to log in to your Zapier account:
After this, you will be redirected to Zapier. Here, you need to choose New Form Submission in the Event dropdown:

Click Continue:

Then, to connect your Zapier account to the Elfsight Form, click the Sign In button:
In the popup window, you need to paste the token that you've already copied in Elfsight to the Api Token field and click the Yes, Continue button:
Well done, your account is connected. Now you can move on to choosing the application you want to connect to the Elfsight Form via Zapier. Click the Continue button:

You need to connect your account only once. In the future, this step can be skipped when setting up new Elfsight Forms integrations with Zapier.

Before choosing an application, you need to test the connection to the Elfsight form. To do this, click on the Test Trigger button:
As a result of the connection test, you will see the following screen. Then click Continue:
Now you can choose one of the 5000+ apps that you want to connect the Form to via Zapier:
After selecting the application, you will continue setting up the integration on the application side, i.e. you need to decide what will happen after each Elfsight Form submission (for example, a new row will be created in a Google Sheets):
Once you're done with setting up the connection, please don't forget to save your widget:

Viola! You have successfully connected your Elfsight Form to Zapier!

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